10 Interesting Facts About KSA!

10 facts about Saudi Arabia you had no idea about! Be ready to be dazzled!

1-  The largest country in the Middle East and the 13th in the world by size? Well definitely Saudi Arabia! With an 80% coverage of the Arabian Peninsula!

2-  Two of the largest Mosques in the world are in Saudi Arabia! Masjid Al Haram in Makkah and Masjid Al Nabawi in Madinah with a capacity of over 5 million worshippers!

3-  Dates and Dates and Dates! Saudi Arabia is the largest producer of dates in the world! 1.5 million tons of dates harvested on an annual basis!

4-  Did you know that Saudi Arabia has volcanoes? Although the last one erupted 700 years back, The Harrat Khaybar volcano is there!

5-  Ghawar Oil field! The largest oil field in the World! You heard that right! Situated in the eastern province and definitely the Kingdom is the largest oil exporter in the world!

6-  Jeddah Tower: The soon to be World’s tallest building which stands at 1000 meters tall!

7-  It is the one of the countries that desalinates water more than any nation in the world!

8-  The majority, like more than a third of its population, is expat and foreign workers!

9-  It is home to the largest oasis in the world which is part of Unesco world heritage and has 2.5 million date palms all over! 

10- The Kingdom has no river at all despite its huge size!

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